Based on standard 3 seater couch


Based on 6 seater dining table


Based on Australian Queen sized bed


Hang your art so the middle sits at eye level for an average height person (1.7 m)

When choosing artwork, take into account your space as a whole. This includes the height of your ceilings, the size of your furniture and any other artwork that may be in your space. Try using masking tape to measure out the size of the artwork, take a few steps back, and see how the space feels. You might also like to consider grouping smaller pieces of the same colour or theme together for impact.

Abstract art is not designed to be viewed close up, so make sure you look at the overall feel of room, rather than just focussing too hard on one particular piece.

Our paintings are sold unframed. They will look great if you decide to frame them (especially in a floating frame), but we recommend seeing how they work in your space unframed at first.


contact info

Phone: 0410 449 844

GPO Box 2655
Melbourne, Vic 3001

At present our artworks are only available for sale to buyers within the Melbourne metropolitan area, but we hope to expand to other areas soon.




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